Reservations are recommended and a minimum of two hunters is necessary.


Mike Tussey started Osceola Outdoors in the year 2000 because he wanted to share his love of chasing the Osceola Turkey. Osceola Outdoors has grown to become one of the best guide services in Florida. Mike is a member of the Mossy Oak pro staff and guides many hunters each year to their fill their quest for an Osceola turkey. Mike loves to bowhunt turkeys and has taken his Grand Slam and Royal Slam with his Mathews bow!


Jimmy Hook has been with Osceola Outdoors since day one and has called in more birds in the last ten years than most hunters will ever see in a LIFETIME! No one will put in more time scouting and patterning these Osceola’s than Jimmy. Jimmy is also a Pro Staff member for Mossy Oak.

Mark Moore

Mark has also been with Osceola Outdoors since we began operations and he is a great caller along with being a great turkey hunter. Patience is Mark’s game as he will sit for hours at a time knowing that a longbeard is going to show up soon!


Chris guides fishing trips in the Florida Keys. He also guides hog hunts and duck hunts with Osceola Outdoors. Chris is an excellent guide and sportsman.


Hog Hunting Guides Billy Middleton, Fred Kobie, and Little Fred!! Most experienced guides in Lakeport area!!